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Take back our Poland – V March of Patriots

For the fifth time through The streets of Wrocław went another March of Patriots. It’s a regular demonstration organized by the National Rebirth of Poland. Due to its patriotic, firmly nationalistic, pro-independence and anti-European Union nature, it brings thousands of people, above all organization divisions. This year, over 10 thousand people took part in March. The main slogan was: “Defending Independence against the Brussels occupation”. Contrary to mainstream public demonstrations, organized also by the parliamentarian opposition, March of Patriots is a clear voice of protest against both Brussels slavery, as well as dreams of returning to former Soviet, Russian domination. Our position is clear, precise and striped of some political games, characteristic for democratic liberals of different kind. We do not want to reform the European Union, we want to free Poland from its domination. And the symbol of this fight is our Hand and Sword (Falanga) and the Celtic Cross, which proudly were waving above heads of the March participants.

During this demonstration, beside organizers – activists of the NOP – as usual, football fans, autonomous nationalists and some independent nationalists, as well as Solidarity trade union activists, took part. Apart from them, there were also common people, elderly, whole families, youth – an image of the whole Polish society.

We would like to leave special thanks for Greek national revolutionaries from Cyprus, members of ELAM movement, who also were with us.

See you next year! Live and death for the Nation!

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