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NOP against Israeli carnage in Gaza!


Last week in Poland was filled with NOP demonstrations and smaller events organized in protest against recent and ongoing crimes against civilians that the Israeli terrorist state perpetrates in the Gaza Strip, the biggest concentration camp in the world’s history.

In Warsaw, there were altogether three demonstrations organized by the NOP in cooperation with Palestinians and Syrians who reside in Poland. Polish nationalists proudly demonstrated with flags of Lebanese Hezbollah, propably the most outstanding anti-Zionist organization in the world. During the second protest, two speeches were held before the Israeli embassy building. One was given by Nabil al-Malazi, head of Association of Polish Syrians – „The Syrian Club”. Another belonged to our local Masovian coordinator, Marzena Dobner, who said:

One of the most bloody, terrorist organizations the modern world has ever seen is the State of Israel. It shows all possible features of a structure, which sole purpose is to realise criminal, and often genocidal, agenda. The recent invasion on the so-called Gaza Strip, that we have witnessed, is only a tiny segment of Israel’s long criminal record. The whole civilized world must unite against this rouge state. Our political efforts must be directed not so much at obtaining „a ceasefire” or isolation of this quasi-state on the international arena, but simply at it’s eradication. A world with Israel will never be the safe one. A world, in which Palestine is not a free country, will be a world in which Evil outweights the Good.

The National Rebirth of Poland for more than 30 years, and thus from the very beginning of its existence, has supported Palestinian struggle for freedom. We, the Polish people, are very familiar with meanings of words such as „occupation” and „genocide”, but also with „resistance”, „fight”, and „victory”. Time for bombs on Israel, time for freedom for the world!

Also in Great Britain on 13th July, NOP – Division England activists reinforced the Palestinians in their anti-war demonstration before the Israeli embassy in London.

For more photos click HERE and HERE



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