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The European Union must be destroyed, not reformed – National Rebirth of Poland’s official statement on the 2014 European elections

On the 25th of May, again, we will be dragged to the ballot-boxes, to legitimize the existence of the European Union by our very presence. 5 years ago, we, the Polish people, gave Europe an outstanding example of resistance to Brussels 75% of our citizens boycotted the elections. As then, now, the National Rebirth of Poland will not take part in them and we call upon all Poles, who value our freedom and independence, to boycott them.

The NOP was the first political party in our country, which years before the others had pointed out what the the project called “European Union” is all about.

In the open letter called “Defending Freedom”, on 11th of April 1996 (read before the media, press and published in our party magazine “Szczerbiec”, 4-5/1996), we wrote:

The sovereignty of a state is what determines it’s subjectivity in international relations. Whereas the united Europe, which both the left and right strives for, liquidates this sovereignty, depriving particular states of attributes which make them independent: their own foreign policy, control over the army and the police, creating their own legal system, etc. In so constructed Europe, Poland is becoming merely one of many geo-economic provinces. Every single law, every internal action taken by the Polish people must be in accordance with the policy of the central government. The United Europe means an end to the separateness of our continent’s particular national states. The proponents of European integration sometimes argue, that in today’s world there is no place for independence. These are neither now, nor their views – for over a half of century, the world tried to convince the Polish people, that our dependence of the Soviet Union is a permanent and unchanging fact. (…)

For them, serving the alien powers against their own Homeland is a normal thing – we say the truth: it’s nothing but a treason.

We are not against the international cooperation. There is nothing wrong in a fact, that a sovereign state signs pacts and agreements (both economical, as well as political and military) with other states or blocks of states. It’s not the international agreements that are evil, but the loss of our ability to sign them or to break them.

We reject the idea of a United Europe not because it is an international agreement but because it is the exact opposite of such.

For there is a fundamental difference between the cooperation agreement and deprivation of ability to choose – even to leave the European Union. (…)

The United Europe is a super-state, subordinated to specific political and economic interests of supra-national financial institutions. The economy, law and politics of whole nations which are part of the EU, are of secondary importance, inferior to decisions of the central government’s decisions. (…)

Poland either shall be independent or shall not exist. To the whole right-wing political scene, which gladly defines itself as “nationalist” and “pro-independence”, belongs the decision: whether follows the difficult path of independence or betrays our nation, by trying to find its place in the European super-state structures. Pretending that the problem doesn’t exist is not a solution, and the sin of refusing to fight is an equivalent to treason.

Almost 20 years after publication of this letter we have to say, that the analysis of the NOP turned out to be, sadly, prophetic. Also in terms of how certain people and parties behave within the EU structures, trying to settle in their nests and ignoring the needs and expectations of their countrymen.

Let’s take a look at them. In the 25 of May European Elections a total number of 12 election committees take part, out of which 11 remain staunchly in favor of the EU. In this company there are also committees which clearly overuse words such as “Poland” , “Nation”, or “independence”. Predominatingly, these groups use a propaganda trick of “improving the European Union by abolishing the Lisbon Treaty”. Whereas the Lisbon Treaty is a document which merely supplements the EU regulations and does not influence so much the general rules of its functioning. It’s difficult to suppose that leaders of such parties are just so dumb and narrow-minded that they do not understand the difference between the independent state and one that is dependent on the alien, central structure. The conscious manipulation of terms and words such as “we are against the European Lisbon Treaty (but not against the European Union at all)” is designed to deceive less careful part of the Polish society and provide fake “patriots” with comfortable seats in Brussels, where they will be able to realize their own, private interests.

The 12th committee, established by the liberal party, declares willingness to reduce the European Union to the economic sphere and desires to “control the Polish government from Brussels”. And so despite the anti-EU rhetoric, it fits just fine with the ideological position of other committees. Movements, parties and committees which propose to recover an unrecoverable, brand themselves as the so-called “euro-skeptical” groups, which means, using the language of a comedy, that they are “against, and even in favor” of the EU.

In this situation it is clear that none of these committees should count on our support.

The National Rebirth of Poland’s main aim in the international politics area is to strive for liquidation of the European Union. We propose Europe of Free Nations which, by their own, national states, implement  – separately or in cooperation with others – aims and expectation of their own national communities. We support – both in Poland and in Europe – all actions which serve this purpose. At the same time we fight against those, who want to preserve the regime in Brussels – no matter if in its original or “corrected” form.

We do not exclude the scenario of liquidating the EU through paralysing its legal institutions by nationalist forces. We do not need to reform the EU – this project must simply vanish.

In Europe, the situation looks very similarly. Hand in hand with the establishment, many groups of “euro-skeptics” claim that they want to enter the European Parliament in order to “reform” the EU.

However, in 25th of May European Elections, in some countries also real nationalist parties take part in the election race. Their goal is to abolish the Brussels regime and restoring the Free Europe, on the ashes of the EU. With some of them, the National Rebirth of Poland actively cooperates.

A few of them we hereby mention: it is the Greek Golden Dawn, the British National Party (BNP), and the Spanish Republican Social Movement (MSR). We urge all Poles, who reside in countries where these parties operate, to cast vote for them. In this case you can be sure that your vote will not be wasted and will contribute to overthrowing the EU regime.

Warsaw, 18 May, 2014

Adam Gmurczyk, NOP chairman


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