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NOP: Solidarity with general Krstić!

On 7th of May, 2014, the National Rebirth of Poland officialy sent a significant amount of money in the money order for Serbian commander, general Radislav Krstić, who is being held in prison in the Polish detention center in Piotrków Trybunalski, where he serves his long sentence for alleged war crimes.

The collection of money lasted for some weeks and also a few independent patriots and nationalists helped us in this matter by giving their donations.

Previously, gen. Krstić was held in a British prison. The decision to transfer him to Poland was made after he had been stabbed by the Muslim inmates in the cell, one of whom literally cut his throat. He ultimately arrived to Poland on 20th March, 2014. Currently he stays in a single-cell with a maximum security and rigour – it’s unable to send him packages with gifts. For the money sent to him, he will be able to buy provisions and pay for other additional services in the prison canteen.

Among other things, general Radislav Krstić was found guilty by the International Criminal Court of organizing the so called „Srebrenica massacre” during the summer 1995. But according to some independent researchers, such as dr. Edward Herman, the „Srebrenica massacre” was in fact a series off mass kilings, whose first victims, among them women and children, were of Serbian nationality. The estimated number of these Serbian casualties is 2000. The latter retaliations of Serbian troops led by gen. Krstić were aimed mainly at local Bosniak militants under the command of Naser Orić. Also the number of 8000 dead Bosniaks seems to be clearly exaggerated and most of the bodies belonged to the armed men, there were also practically no women or children there.

The action’s aim was to express the National Rebirth of Poland’s refusal of the newest „official history” imposed on Europe by anti-European forces, such as globalists and their NATO mad dogs, which were once unleashed in the Balkans to destroy the independence and integrity of Serbia and enslave both Serbs, as well as Croats and other Balkan nations. It shouldn’t be treated as „taking a side” in the historical debate of who was more right and who was wrong in the Bosnian conflict. The fact of the matter is, all sides commited crimes against each other, and ultimately it served the globalist elite’s agenda. Nowadays the Serbs are demonized and portrayed as „devils” while the American/NATO crimes are being whitewashed, just like in case of Iraq, Libya, Syria and many other places in the world. This is something we won’t agree with.

Freedom for general Krstić!


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