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Warsaw: Serbian Kosovo, Polish Silesia!


On 15th February 2014, Polish patriots and nationalists along with the fellow Serbian comrades marched through the centre of Warsaw, commemorating the disgraceful act of  secession of Kosovo from Serbia. The international criminal gang of globalists actively supported this partition and creation of a puppet drug-state, a breeding ground for islamists and common thugs in which the Serbian people cannot feel safe, where the Christian churches are being desecrated.

In Poland, we have another similar problem. The same forces which supported the partition of Serbia and ethnic cleansing of Serbs, now are pouring money into the so called Silesian separatism in the western region of Upper Silesia. They promote among the native Silesians (who are a distinct regional group, just like the Bavarians in Germany) the notion of a Silesian „self-governance”. This goes in line with promotion of hatred and even acts of both physical and mental abuse against the local Silesians who proclaim their real, Polish identity. The Silesian separatism is just another episode of a series called „strengthen local separatisms – weaken the national states”, financed by the EU globalists.

That’s why on this day, Poles and Serbs marched side by side in Poland in a common act of protest. The Polish side was represented by the „Poles for the Serbian Kosovo” initiative and Autonomous Nationalists who were the organizers, reinforced by the National Rebirth of Poland Warsaw unit. The Serbs were represented by the Srbska Akcija (Serbian Action) organization, whose member made a fiery speech before the crowd. Also the delegates from the European Solidarity Front for Kosovo were with us on that day.

Kosovo is for Serbs! Silesia is for the Polish! Down with globalism which destroys Europe!

More photos – HERE


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Our Serbian comrades delivering their speech

Our Serbian comrades delivering their speech

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