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Wrocław: We will always remember the 13th of December!


Over one and a half thousand people (according to the mainstream press: from 600 to 1000) took part in the huge demonstration organized on December 13 by the National Rebirth of Poland and local patriotic football fans. The date is especially tragic, since it symbolizes not one, but two acts of treachery against the Polish nation. On December 13, 1981, general Wojciech Jaruzelski, representing the Soviet-installed so called Polish People’s Republic, issued a martial law in whole Poland in a desperate attempt to stop the regime from collapsing. He brought tanks and special police squadrons to the streets, which resulted in deaths of more than 100 Polish workers.

On December 13, another traitor, late Lech Kaczyński, as president of liberal-democratic „IIIrd Republic” signed the infamous Lisbon Treaty, thereby selling our country to the EU and stripping it of last scraps of independence.

Therefore, the official slogan of the demonstration was: „13 December – we will not forgive the treason! Martial law 1981 – Lisbon Treaty 2007.”

During his speech, head of the NOP in Dolnośląskie region, Paweł Naskręt, had this to say:

We, the nationalists, commemorate the victims of the Martial Law. But the 13th of December is not only the bloodbath of 1981. It is also a symbol of political prostitution of the Polish right and the entire political elite, which sold Poland out into the EU, by signing the Lisbon Treaty.

NOP Information Office

Originally published: HERE (click for more photos)





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