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Athens: 50 000 nationalists against the System


On Saturday, 30th November, on the Athenian Constitution Square, gathered over 50 thousand nationalists, activists and supporters of the Golden Dawn. The rally (the regime refused to issue permission to march) was held under the slogan „No prisons for nationalists!”. It is important to recall the fact, that many leaders and MPs of the Golden Dawn are still held in custody, including the party’s chairman – Nikolaos Michaloliakos. Not so long ago, „unknown gunmen” murdered two GD activists in front of the party office in Athens. The authorities are of course „helpless” in identifying and finding the perpetrators, despite the fact, that the whole murder scene was captured by a public camera.

Although the whole gathering was dedicated mainly to the Greek issues, there was also a Polish element. During one of the first speeches, Artemis Mattheopoluos – Golden Dawn leader in Seres district – told the gathered crowd about all actions of support for the Golden Dawn that were organized so far by the National Rebirth of Poland, including the joint statement of the NOP and fellow British National Party, signed at the BNP annual conference in Blackpool (see here), in which both parties strongly condemned the persecutions and expressed their full solidarity with Greek patriots.

The local NOP division also took part in this huge demonstration. Our colleagues were led by local NOP coordinator, Adam Mikulski.

Originally published: HERE (click for more photos)





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