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Adam Gmurczyk: Reality Show from Poland

I was supposed to write something about the „National Movement” (in Polish – Ruch Narodowy, another name: Association of Independence March) much earlier, but I simply did not care. Once,’s portal journalist forced me to do so and in the interview I discussed objectively, using quotations, the pro-EU stance of that movement. In fact I should have said more – at least because of notorious attacks of the National Movement on nationalism in general and on the National Rebirth of Poland (NOP) in particular, that have occured repeatedly and many times, almost from the beginning of this new organization’s existence. The National Movement perpetrated them also via the mainstream, liberal-left-wing media, such as „Gazeta Wyborcza” – the best newspaper for those who want to bark at the NOP.

But – resistance was strong within me.

First, this is not my world. An organization led by two conservatives, several liberals, some opportunists and a separatist who wants to break away Lubelskie region from Poland, in no case overlaps with even broadly understood nationalist or national-radical movement. It’s just another, smaller „Congress of the New Right” (a right-wing, fanatically pro-capitalist organization led by a famous Polish libertarian Janusz Korwin Mikke – ed.), only that it’s leaders prefer ties instead of bow-ties.

Second, spiritus movens of this liberal-conseravative crowd is Artur Zawisza, the man whom I simply like and it is not my cup of tea to attack such people.

Thirdly and finally – as I wrote at the beginning, I simply didn’t feel like it.

Time passed, the ideological declaration of the National Movement (or movement – those concerned write differently) appeared and various friends from various political organizations were bombarding me with questions about my opinion on this piece of paper. I couldn’t answer everyone individually so I was ready to write something about this, when suddenly, an ideological-personal flamewar errupted between well-known conservative author Adam Wielomski and neocon, Artur Zawisza. Both gentlemen quickly started digging up some dirt on each other using Facebook as their way of communication, pointing out (publicly) some embarrasing facts from their personal life (like who’s washing whose sockets in their homes – literally!), so in this situation I gave up and decided not to take part in an ongoing discourse.

Soon after, it was announced that the National Movement Congress was going to take place. And the Congress was held, preceded by a nice and sympathetic promotion in „Gazeta Wyborcza” edition, in which, some of the National Movement activists could not help but denigrate the NOP.

But let’s get to the point. The easiest way to show reasons, why there can’t be neither cooperation, nor any sort of compromise between the National Rebirth of Poland and the National Movement, is to point out some indisputable, ideological differences between these two respective organizations.

So, I am going to do this right now.

1. European Union.

Position of the National Movement:

For the National Movement, as well as for maternal PiS (“Law & Justice” – Polish parliamentary neocon party, ed.) or for the NM predecessors – the Polish Right and Libertas – - the EU is not the best but it is and should be; at most the Lisbon Treaty should be rejected. As Artur Zawisza put it (“Rzeczpospolita”, 24.11.2012): “withdrawal from the EU would harm us. (…) so we should bite the bullet and stay within the Union, at the same time trying to change it for the better”. No wonder that given such sympathetic attitude towards the European Union, our beloved „Gazeta Wyborcza” showed its greatest satisfaction with the National Movement declaration, complimenting it in a material entitled „Nationalists stay in the EU” („GW”, 27.03 , 2013).

Nationalist position:

We do not want to change the EU for the better. We want to see it fall. Nationalists want an independent state, sovereign, free from foreign dependencies – both politically and economically. The European Union, the liberal program of destruction of national states is completely opposite to our ideas.

2. The imperialistic policy of the U.S. and Israel.

Position of the National Movement:

Similarly to groups which the Movement derives from (Law & Justice, Polish Right, Libertas), the United States and Israel are treated as a fixed point of any foreign policy. The so-called pro-Atlantism, expressed by support for the imperial policy of the U.S. and Israel, is expressed not only in establishing a military adviser to the National Movement in the person of Romuald Szeremietiew (former minister of defence – ed.) whom we largely „owe” the subordination of Polish military forces to the American controlled NATO and the concept of placing on the Polish territory another, after the Soviet, foreign military units; it is also expressed in the statements of the National Movement’s leaders: delighted in Washington’s neo-conservatism (pro-Israel, because of its worshipers origin) like K. Bosak and A. Zawisza, whom on the National Movement’s Congress stated directly: „we are members of NATO, which, unlike the European Union, can complement the Polish defense potential.” In case of Israel, Zawisza is even more blunt: „The principle of justice commands us to show solidarity with Israel (…) We can’t close our eyes to which side is right in this [Palestinian-Israeli] conflict. This side is Israel.” („Dziennik”. 2.01.2009. Artur Zawisza upheld his position during the semi-official discussion on Facebook, which was seen by hundreds of people 16.06.2013).

Nationalist position:

We reject the „American dream” – a dream of enslaving the world by the Israel’s greatest proxy – United States. We do not agree that Poland should serve the foreign powers. We demand the removal of foreign military units from Polish territory. We are fighting for a world of free nations and states which cooperate freely in order to achieve mutual benefits. We reject any possibility of the recognition of Israel which is a criminal organization, engaged in genocidal activity. In short, nationalism opposes the New World Order, which is in fact close to the ideas of the National Movement.

3. Internal affairs.

Position of the National Movement:

National Movement accepts the existing political and economic system, demanding (as each formation of liberal pedigree, striving for power), only the replacement of the government crew with their own. This „original” concept is also accompanied by „revealing” demands of lower taxes, reduce bureaucracy and support Polish companies by a capital (without defining this capital). This dysfunctional mysteriousness reduces to zero the position of the Movement on the universalization of ownership among Polish people (real – not anonymous), control of the banking system or the repayment of debts which demolish the Polish finances. Only regarding the eurozone, the Movement members repeat after nationalists, that there is a need to defend the national currency. But it is difficult to take their postulate seriously because the introduction of a common currency is part of the Brussels core agenda. And the National Movement doesn’t want to withdraw from the EU.

Nationalist position:

We reject democratic-liberal system. It must be replaced with a political system in which all public standards are consistent with the principles of Christian civilization. It applies to economic, social and political relations. In a free Poland, there is no place for forces wishing to destroy the sovereignty of the nation in internal relations and external state conditions. Promoting pathologies, such as homosexuality, liberalism or pedophilia should be penalized. The existence of formations referring to the values contrary to the principles of civilization must be banned. The state structure must reflect the social tri-participation of each nation’s member: political, local, professional.

Calculating the differences, the key ones, between nationalism and liberal conservatism might take longer, but I think that there is no need to prolong this thread. Of course, the question arises if there are any issues, in which we can agree with the National Movement . Yes, without any doubt, there are. In addition to those which bring together everyone regardless of race, religion or social origin (the sincerity of these declarations is not important at the moment) – such as low taxes, cutting red tape – and there would be a few points in common with the slightly narrower range. The problem is that they pertain matters of secondary importance, and that they are not only close to us or to the Movement members. Even respect for the soldiers of the anti-communist underground. It’s still not enough to talk about „brotherhood of blood”. For real nationalists, the National Movement is thus only a neighbor, spotted sometimes in the parking. Good morning – good morning. That’s it.

I know, of course I know (luckily I’m still not blind or deaf), that the Movement members enjoy using the radical rhetoric, in hope of attracting some easy marks, who don’t have enough cleverness to delve into what is one or the other leader of the Movement muttering under his breath. Liberal conservative Zawisza doesn’t mind marching in demonstrations where gathered people revile and denounce liberal capitalism which is his dream because at this point he doesn’t fill the ideological mission but realizes the organizational needs. So he plays dumb. Because the Movement has an offer to young people – yes, it has. The offer of slogans – in service of objectives contrary those slogans. How far the ideological and political opportunism can go the Movement congress showed. Among the guests was a representative of the Hungarian HVIM, Laszlo Toroczkai, who delivered a fiery (and great) speech in which he (rhetorically) executed pro-EU, pro-Israeli, pro-American and pro-NATO stances. He got rather poor applause, what he proably attributed to poor translation. He didn’t figure out that he was only the national-radical flower to the pro-Israel, pro-EU, pro-American and pro-NATO suit. And the translator, well, she was really good, she just did not bother the esteemed guest about some irrelevant matters such as the fact that he was at a meeting of an organization resembling their own, Hungarian Fidesz, but only a mini version. I shatter to think what Laszlo would have done if he knew that at this Congress, a former officer of the communist party was present, who was insolent enough to call the Polish Communist Party as genuine „nationalist organization”.

After the announcement of the National Movement initiative quite a large bunch of people outside the „Company” were sending me questions if the NOP „entered this business”. There was not such possibility, but I watched with amusement how Artur Zawisza was blackmailing a little bit some resistant allies, threatening them with coaliton with us. We played the role of „black sheep” and it was quite intriguing to see how deep mental complexes some people have, regarding the NOP.

But – and this is a little unconventional part of our considerations – let us imagine for a moment that the National Rebirth of Poland, a nationalist movement, enters the liberal-conservative National Movement. This sci-fi story is dedicated to all proponents of “unification” who can’t start one single day without a prayer for “unification” at all costs.

As it was said: we unite. We unite together because „we need to create a one strong national political movement that will lead Poland to victory.” All questions we answer in unison: „We will build a broad social movement with a variety of organizations, from national to liberal on the ground of our joint program, to start in the elections, win seats and have a share of authority. We will take every house and street back from ‚the roundtable republic’. Amen.”

Armed with this transparent and clear plan so we go into battle, kicking ass of anyone who asks if we will take the streets from the cities or for the cities, or if we will give houses to the Jews, Martians or simply burn them. Because we are building one Movement and we don’t care about such little things. For the EU or against the EU? The state of proles and capitalism or distributionist system and strict control of the banks? Paying off foreign loans taken by the liberal regime or rejecting them completely? Who cares about such trivial matters! Ultimately, „we will answer before God and History”. We are building the Movement which people already trust, although they don’t know us, but they will know us by our achievements, i.e. when we will become members of this or that parliament, and we won’t let ourselves be swept out of it, because we are honest and made ​​of gold.

Here comes the first step, we create regional structures.

We are strong and indivisible, in Warsaw we have even several structures. When members of one are making friends inside the embassy of Beloved and Wonderful Israel, members of the other are storming the shrine of this Zionist Satan. We all meet in the embassy’s hallway respectfully saluting to each other „Glory to the Great Poland”. And we move on. Some to smash windows while others to insert them.

The struggle continues. All the time in complete peace and harmony we are organizing two further demonstrations in the capital in one day! TWO! This is our strength! Nobody can do this, only the one great and indivisible Movement! The first demo is marching from the Monument of Nicolaus Copernicus, under the motto „Capitalism is the best!”. On New World Street the participants wipe out some instigators lamenting that a bailiff sent by a private bank took their homes. „You have to work, not protest” – a crowd of the Movement members’ chanting. At the same time, from Dmowski Monument another demonstration of the Movement starts – „Capitalism is the same as socialism, Third Way – Nationalism”. On the Three Crosses Square the Movement’s members are crushing activists of Korwin-Mikke’s libertarian KNP holding a banner – Capitalism – Yes! Damn capitalists won’t be spitting in our face! On De Gaulle Square both demonstrations of the National Movement are welcomed by Head of Heads sitting on a horse. “Strong! Dense! Ready!” – His voice is heard from megaphones. “Great! Creative! Indivisible!” – demonstrators response. Poland is ours! It’s seen, heard and smelled!

Elections. We’re breaking down unnecessary quarrels about details and assigning lists by lottery. For each list – one candidate supportive of European Union, one Russia-lover, one who stands for the independence, two doctors, three women, five Catholics, two pagans and one atheist.

Time for spots. There are no fluctuations yet. Spot for the EU show the Independence March from Warsaw. Artur Zawisza appears in the background – „We have to grit our teeth and remain in the EU.” And with a wide smile: „We will win”. Another countershaft – this time it’s March of Patriots in Wroclaw. Adam Gmurczyk appears: „Our aim is to destroy the European Union and restore our independence.” Cut. In the background Irydion (Polish famous identitarian rock band – ed.) is heard and inscriptions appears: „National Movement. The only power for Poland. We know what we want. We will win.”

The second spot. About values. Quiet but charming music – let it be Bach. Arkadiusz Robaczewski appears: “The strenght of our country lays in traditional, Catholic education. Without the Allmighty’s will, there is nothing!” The musical background changes and worrisome pagan-rock smacks the ears of recipient. The face of Tomasz Szczepanski emerges from the darkness: „A nation without tradition is worthless. Remember to light a candle for Swiatowid every Kupala Night” (Slavic paganism, ed.). Sharp cut. Plaque with election slogan: „National Movement. The only power for Poland. We know what we want. We will win.”

Election day. Some candidates passed. We did it! We have real political influence!

Inauguration. We establish the club. First ballot. We dissolve the club. A surprising discrepancy of views. But we vote together, in one parliament. The thing is – everyone votes differently. And we have to start from the beginning…

Originally published HERE

Adam Gmurczyk is a chairman of the NOP.


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