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Welcome to the Orwellian State – three NOP activists arrested!

On 14th of November, four days after the „March for the Independent Poland” organized by the National Rebirth of Poland had taken place in Białystok, the local municipal police, propably provoked by the regime, detained and then arrested three NOP party members who took part in a demonstration commemorating Polish heroes who fought against both German and Soviet occupation.

The charges put against our colleagues and justyfying their arrest are so ridiculous and scandalous, that they are almost unimaginable. All of them – two women and one man – were accused of „promoting the totalitarian regime”! This is because, while laying a wreath and flowers at the memorial commemorating our fallen anti-nazi and anti-communist soldiers and partisans, they raised their right hands in the traditional gesture of the Polish pre-war nationalist movement, also known worldwide as „the Roman Salute”.

According to the law enforcement and local procecutor, and of course the hostile media who immediately launched a massive attack on us, our activists made „a Heil Hitler nazi gesture” therefore supposedly dishonoring the memory of fallen Polish patriots, who fought against Hitler’s reign in Poland.

It’s a disguisting lie, typical for the regime which is trying to destroy the nationalist opposition. 

It is true, that German National Socialist Workers Party (NSDAP) exploited the so-called „Roman Salute” and used it as an official greeting. But it is also true, that this gesture was used by the Polish nationalist movement of the interwar period, by organizations such as Stronnictwo Narodowe (National Party) or Obóz Narodowo-Radykalny (National-Radical Camp). These organizations were then very significant in numbers and enjoyed support of approximately 40% of the Polish public.

When the war and German occupation started, these organizations rejected the new rule and immediately created powerful underground structures whose sole purpose was to undermine the occupation authorities. In 1942, Polish nationalist movement created its own military wing – the National Armed Forces, with more than 100,000 armed men, who fought to the death against the German national-socialist invaders. After the war, these people still fought, till early 60s, against the Red terror and Soviet occupation. Most of them sacrificed their lives on the altar of our homeland.

The traditional greeting of these Polish nationalists was composed of both raising the right hand „to the sun” and screaming „Hail Great Poland!” or „Glory to the Great Poland!”

The same traditional Polish greeting was demonstrated at the military cemetery in Białystok by our activists.

It is important to note, that making this salutation with a proper shout (like „Hail the Great Poland) is perfectly legal in Poland. Only if you raise your right hand and scream „Heil Hitler” or „Sieg Heil”, you can be considered a person who promotes totalitarian ideology.

Now, the so called „Polish” regime wants to put our dedicated activists behind bars in a clear attempt to erase our true history. Their logic is clear – everything that is done by a real nationalist opposition must „remind Hitler and the Nazis”. They spread outrageous lies in order to turn the public opinion against us. It appears the Greek pattern is now being implemented in Poland as well.

We call all Polish patriots overseas to help us by spreading our message. We also appeal to fellow nationalists from other countries, we call for your solidarity in these dark times.

Below are the pictures of our friends, currently held in custody.

NOP – Department of Foreign Relations

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2 Responses to " Welcome to the Orwellian State – three NOP activists arrested! "

  1. Myrmithonas pisze:

    keep fighting..we all support you and we are grateful for your actions toward GD.
    No jails for Nationalists

  2. greece pisze:

    Freedom to members of NOP !!!
    from the greek people.

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