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A war with Iran is a war against Poland. Statement of the NOP Executive Council


For quite a long time, we have been witnessing – also in the Polish media – the massive propaganda campaign against Iran. In an apparent way, whole societies are being prepared for another war, arranged by the United States of America, Israel’s proxy.

The National Rebirth of Poland, always guided by the principle of freedom, decisively rejects the attempts to drag our country into another thuggish military conflict, inspired by the unhuman, genocidal Zionism.

It is not Iran, but two rouge states – Israel and the US – which pose a real threat to the world’s peace. The eventual war will be not only morally evil, but also harmful to our own, Polish interests.

The Polish people are interested in cooperation and mutual development, not in destruction and havoc. We are not going to die in the name of crazy American and Israeli policies and for the interests of the international corporations, as it is the case with our troops in Afghanistan, formerly in Iraq.

Recently, we celebrated the 30th anniversary of or movement’s existence. Our efforts to promote a safe world, free from imperialistic interventions, have been and are being appreciated in the sphere of independent politics. And that is why we received congratulations from such individuals, as Dr. David Duke, who once visited Iran, or Yahia Gouasmi, leader of the French Anti-Zionist Party and head of the Islamic Centre Zahra.

It’s true, that Polish people currently are held hostage in our own country. We do not have an independent government, nor we do run our internal and external affairs independently. But we still can firmly and loudly mobilize our public opinion to oppose actions, which will bring death not only to the Iranian people, but also to our soldiers. A war with Iran – a war against Poland.

Warsaw, 21.11.2011

Adam Gmurczyk, NOP Chairman

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